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Kate Allen

An interesting picture of the changing face of the UK housing market is provided by an analysis of census data by estate agency Savills, given exclusively to the FT.

The private rented sector is the main success story – it’s the only part of the market to have increased in value since the recession, and now makes up 17 per cent of the UK’s housing stock by units and 18 per cent by value, Savills found.

UK housing stock by value and tenure

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Kate Allen

by Kate Allen and Keith Fray

Today’s encouraging US non-farm payrolls data presents a puzzle – it contradicts the quarterly GDP figures that were published earlier this week. Employment is up, but the economy has apparently shrunk. Britain has been facing a similar contradiction for some time now. Read more

Valentina Romei

The UK census data revealed that about eight per cent of the resident population speaks a language other than English as their main language.

This is not a large proportion, at least compared with many advanced countries. Read more