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Martin Stabe

The London Fire Brigade has published its incident data for the past four years in the London Data Store, the capital’s open data repository.

The data, originally obtained by the Financial Times under the Freedom of Information Act and published last week in our London Fire Brigade response times map, is being released as open data because of widespread interest in the potential impact of fire station closures.

The London Fire Authority is defying mayor Boris Johnson’s order to put the proposed cuts to public consultation. The £45m cut in the brigade’s budget over two years, would see 12 fire stations, 18 engines and 520 jobs go. Read more

Kate Allen

As my colleague Andrew Hill has pointed out, the Pope is not just the leader of one of the world’s great religions. He is also effectively the CEO of a large global organisation, and as such, he has financial concerns to consider.

Pope Benedict will leave the Vatican in a slightly troubled economic position. The Holy See made a €14.9m loss in 2011, its latest annual accounts showRead more

Kate Allen

The scandal over horsemeat found in processed meat products has echoes of a previous industrial food production crisis.

While the current controversy is not of the same severity, it is interesting to look back at the BSE scandal of the mid-1990s and its effects on consumer behaviour. The BSE saga hit British farming and meat retailing hard, as other countries scrambled to block British meat exports and consumers turned away from beef (despite some politicians’ best efforts). Read more

Two Conservative-led London councils have joined opposition mayor Boris Johnson’s plan to close or shrink fire stations in their boroughs as part of £48m in budget cuts over two years.

This interactive map shows the speed with London Fire Brigade can currently respond to incidents at the most detailed level ever published.Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Financial Times obtained data on nearly 500,000 incidents that the London Fire Brigade has responded to since introducing its current incident management system in November 2008.

 Read more

Kate Allen

by Kate Allen and Norma Cohen

The latest annual English Housing Survey was released today, and contains some startling evidence of the country’s dramatic shift away from home ownership and towards the private rental market.

We already know that the private rented sector is the only part of the housing market to have increased in value since the recession. This new data tells us why that is. Read more

For the past two years, the Financial Times has had exclusive access to the National Pupil Database, which provides anonymous exam performance data for every individual secondary school pupil in England.

Using this detailed data, we have compiled an alternative set of statistics to the traditional measures, which are now set to be reassessed. Read more