Daily Archives: September 10, 2013

John Burn-Murdoch

Interactive by Callum Locke, John Burn-Murdoch and Emily Cadman

The retail price of the new iPhone 5C handset will be $549 in the US. But what else could you do with that money?

When it launched in September 2007, the original iPhone cost $499. That amount invested in Apple shares at the time would now be worth more than $1,700. Read more

While there is no doubt that fertility rates among female migrants are disproportionately adding to UK population growth, the pace of increase appears to be easing, according to the latest granular analysis of the 2011 Census data.

In fact, since 1970, the year in which births among non-UK born women rose at their fastest rate was 2000, which was 8.4 per cent higher than the number in 1999. Since then, the rate of increase in births among immigrant women has been falling erratically and since 2009, has been growing by under 2.0 per cent each year. Read more

Kate Allen

One of the most striking aspects of today’s data from the latest British Social Attitudes survey is the change in people’s opinions about mothers who work.

The proportion of people who believe women who work don’t damage their children has risen sharply since 2006, the last time the question was asked. More than three-quarters of people now support working mothersRead more