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The United Nations Population Division is the go-to source for demographic data covering everything from urbanisation rates to old age life expectancy.

But now Sanjeev Sanyal, a global strategist at Deutsche Bank, has questioned the UN’s latest global population forecasts – a stunning act of lèse-majesté.

In a paper released this week, he argued that total fertility rates (TFR) among women in fast-growing economies are already falling so fast that the UN predictions – relied on by demographers, sociologists and economists all over the world – simply cannot be credible. Read more

Kate Allen

by Kate Allen and Sarah Mishkin

Apple’s simultaneous product launch in California and Beijing was the latest sign that the global brand is attempting to push into Asian markets.

But Apple’s foray into China has not so far been an unmitigated success. In fact, the brand seems to be struggling to seize the market.

Why is this? Here are six key points about the Chinese mobile market that might help to explain. Read more