Daily Archives: November 20, 2013

By Andrew Jack

The global sales of prescription medicines is starting to accelerate and will reach $1 trillion next year, according to new estimates from IMS.

The data shows slowed growth since the 2008 financial crisis, when the loss of lucrative patents on drugs pushed down prices for drug companies just as the economic slowdown imposed austerity measures by governments and squeezed incomes by individuals paying out of pocket for healthcare. Read more

British graduates today are saddled with debt and have starting salaries below those of the pre-recession cohort. To make matters worse, those who secure a highly sought-after job in central London will struggle to find an affordable room to rent unless they move out to the suburbs and take on a lengthy commute.

Find out how affordable different properties are at different salary levels across London using the interactive map below, which was made using data provided by Hometrack.