The FT’s Work and Careers team, part of the features department, is looking for a data journalist to work on our highly successful Business Education rankings.

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A higher interest rate expected, but it is not an easy task Read more

Eswar Prasad and Karim Foda

The world economy is beset by a dangerous combination of divergent growth patterns, deficient demand, and deflationary risks. The latest update of the Brookings-Financial Times TIGER (Tracking Indexes for the Global Economic Recovery) reveals sharp divergences in growth prospects between the advanced economies and emerging markets, and within these groups as well.  Read more

This weekend the FT Weekend Magazine publishes its first guide to all things gastronomic in the French capital. All the articles – on fine dining, natural wine bars, street markets, specialist coffee hangouts, food politics and more – can be found on the magazine’s website.

The interactive map below shows the locations of more than 100 restaurants, bars, shops and cafes listed in the magazine.

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As the Fed aims to end QE in October and the normalised interest rate policy during 2015 looms, a matter for debate among investors is whether the strong performance of both equities and Treasury debt in recent years has peaked.

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By Paul Hodges

Chart 1: For the first time in history, most westerners now live beyond 55 years

January 1 2013 marks the 55th birthday of Mr and Ms Average Baby Boomer. When they were born in 1958 in the wealthy western world, nobody imagined they would grow up as part of the largest, wealthiest and most long-lived generation in history. Similarly today, few realise that their imminent entry into the 55-plus generation will have such profound consequences for the economy, for politics, for companies and all of us individually. Read more