The Chinese are buying more from abroad. Nearly three in five consumers surveyed brought foreign products online from domestic websites in the six months to November 2015, with product quality being the prime motivation.

American love their tracksuits and trainers. The US spends per person about twice the average European and 14 times the Chinese on sports goods, including equipment, athletic footwear and apparel.

European banks’ share of investment banking fees is at an all time low. Advisers have earned 29 per cent o the total global fee pool so far this year, down from 32 per cent in 2014, marking the lowest fee share since records began in 2000.

The average gambler spends $80 a year on gaming, according to Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy. But figures vary, from 6$ in Africa to more than $750 in Oceania. Singapore tops the charts, spending more than twice its Asian rival Hong Kong.

Click-and-collect orders are set make up a greater portion of online sales. Mintel estimates that the value of orders, where you buy online but pick up goods in store, will grow 42 per cent year on year in 2014 but contribute less than 2 per cent to total retail sales. Shoppers are expected to collect some £7.4bn worth of online orders next year, equivalent to 17 per cent of all internet retail sales.

Asia has the world’s highest rate of pharmaceutical sales growth, rising at an average annual rate of 15 per cent between 2007 and 2012. This is well ahead of the US and Europe, the traditional regions of focus for big pharmaceutical companies, which experienced low single-digit growth over the same period.

As in so many other areas, the Chinese market is beyond comparison. Healthcare spending has more than doubled from $156bn in 2006 to $357bn in 2011 and is estimated to reach $1tn by 2020 – about 6 per cent of the country’s GDP. Read more

The data show that the big money owners continue to exercise their financial muscle – and as a result, this year could be on track to break the 2008 spending record.

Gross Premier League transfer spend so far is close to £370m, a 50 per cent increase on the same period in 2012 – and there are still two weeks left before a Sky Sports presenter corners QPR manager Harry Redknapp, while sitting in his Land Rover, to ask his expert opinion. Read more