Uber and other ride-hailing services have fueled a surge in the number of self-employed drivers in the US. Read more

More than 496m air passengers departed from, or arrived at, Europe’s 10 busiest airports in 2015, a 19 per cent increase from 2006. London’s Heathrow airport recorded an increase of 11.3 per cent, compared with Gatwick’s 18.1 per cent.

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Soaring demand for designer clothing, leather goods and high-end jewellery is expected to drive sales of luxury items in India and Indonesia up more than half over the next four years. The luxury trade is predicted to rally in China and Russia, and grow steadily in Mexico and Brazil.

The US admitted the most Muslim refugees on record in fiscal 2016

Nearly 39,000 Muslim refugees entered the US in fiscal year 2016, the highest annual intake since public records began in 2002. The majority were displaced by conflicts in Syria and Somalia. Muslims made up more than 45 per cent of the 84,995 refugees admitted, just shy of the government-imposed ceiling of 85,000.

Close to 72 per cent of primary and secondary school teaching roles in the European Union were held by women in 2014, according to new Eurostat data released ahead of National Teachers’ Day.

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Small and midsized UK businesses remain concerned about the economy, according to the Future of Business Survey, a new measure of business sentiment from Facebook, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The trio surveyed 90,000 small and medium-sized companies across 22 countries using the world’s largest social network. Read more