UK and German passport holders have visa-free access to 173 countries and rank in first place for global travel freedom. Turkey is the only OECD country outside the top 30, with visa-free travel for its citizens to only 102 nations.

Belgium's rankings according to Fifa and eloratings.netWins earlier in October against Israel and Andorra will see the team leapfrog Argentina and Germany when Fifa’s rankings are updated next month, but how highly do alternative systems rate the Red Devils? Read more

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The UK ranked first in the world for openness of government data in 2014, according to the Open Knowledge think-tank. But the percentage of easily accessible data sets across all surveyed countries was only 11 per cent

The COP21 climate change calculator allows users to track and project greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from China, US, EU1, India, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia and the Rest of the World (“Others”), over the period 1870 to 2100. China, US, EU, India, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Canada are the highest GHG emitters in the world. Together with Australia, they accounted for two-thirds of global GHG emissions in 2010.

To learn more about the underlying data, methodology for computation of temperature values and key messages from the COP21 calculator please read on… Read more

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Prices of high density polyethylene (HDPE) have tumbled 14 per cent in the UK since June, as lower demand is expected following legislation on carrier bag use. Read more

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It’s about time that the Bureau of Labor Statistics knew more about the 20 million Americans of prime working age who are outside the labour force and do not want a job now. Here is why.

The US labour force participation rate has been shrinking since it peaked in the late 1990s and is now back to levels seen in the 1980s. Suggested reasons for the fall include an aging population, the rise of discouraged workers, young people spending more time in education, changes in the racial make-up of the society, potential employees who lack the right skills, statistical methods, and an unfriendly working environment for mothersRead more

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Life is better in twos, at least according to the latest Eurostat results on life satisfaction. Couples with children are on average the most satisfied with life, but even if couples don’t have children they are likely to be better off than people who are on their own.

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Six of the 189 economies for which the IMF produces forecasts are now expected to contract in 2016. Only a few months ago, four were set to expand next year. Venezuela and Belarus are now expected to contract even more

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The world economy is beset by a dangerous combination of divergent growth patterns, deficient demand, and deflationary risks. The latest update of the Brookings-Financial Times TIGER (Tracking Indexes for the Global Economic Recovery) reveals sharp divergences in growth prospects between the advanced economies and emerging markets, and within these groups as well.  Read more

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The US dominates the export of royalties and fees, the charges for the use of proprietary rights (such as trademarks and copyrights). The UK was the second-largest exporter in the 1990s, but fell to sixth by 2013. China only accounts for 0.3% of the global total.

By Giles Wilkes

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Labour should be wary of giving credence to a very suspect number.

The £93bn figure now routinely used to evaluate the scale of “corporate welfare” in Britain is badly misleading. If the Labour Party is to re-establish its economic credibility, it needs to give the number a very wide berth. Read more

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Since the start of the crisis in 2007 the gender gap in labour force participation has narrowed across most OECD countries. Spain has seen the strongest convergence. In 2007, 83 per cent of men were in the labour force versus 63 per cent of women, a gap of 20 percentage points. In 2014, the gap was reduced to 10 percentage points.

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More than two-thirds of the US public hold positive views of Pope Francis. His rating exceeds that of his predecessor, Benedict XVI, by 14 percentage points. Neither, however, has approached the popularity of Pope John Paul II.

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The Financial Times is working with the British Library to open up access to FT Digital Archive for academic research.

Extracts from the archive materials were used to produce the feature about Britain’s 1975 referendum on European Community membership that was published on today. Read more

The Greek election on Sunday will be the country’s third ballot this year. The most recent polling shows a tightening race between the leftist Syriza and the centre-right New Democratic, both holding just under a third of the vote. Support for the far-right Golden Dawn fell to its lowest level in a month.

Did you receive the press release? Were you offered an exclusive interview? Are you upping your journey down the engagement funnel?

Well, brace yourself – because the ranks of public relations professionals are growing. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest that there may soon be more PRs than journalists in the UK. Read more

Growth in investment in China’s fixed assets dropped to 10.9 per cent year on year in August, lagging behind analysts’expectations.

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The population living in contracting economies is expected to rise to over 7 per cent of the global total this year, from 1.3 per cent in 2010, the highest proportion in 5 years. While the global economy is set to grow faster in 2015 than in the previous year, the proportion of population in contracting economies is expected to increase by 1.6 percentage points.

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Forget the mid-life crisis of the 40s, the peak age of a business person is fifty-something, at least according to an analysis of the Capital IQ database of global companies. Among the nearly 10 thousand Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of companies with a market capitalization of more than £150 million for which age information is available*, nearly half are in their fifties.

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