Kate Allen

Australia’s economy is on the up, the latest data shows, with GDP rising by 0.6 per cent quarter-on-quarter. But the national figures hide a lot of variation at state level. In effect, Australia has a two-speed economy.

Most of the growth was driven by the Northern Territory, where the economy is booming thanks to its dominant mining industry. By contrast Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia were in recession.

Australia final demand by state


Kate Allen

Angela Merkel has been making much of Germany’s predominant role in the EU’s trade relationship with China – the oft-touted ‘special relationship’. The EU overtook Japan as China’s main source of imports back in 2011, and Germany is the biggest contributor to that. But Europe’s elevated status is not due to its own export growth; rather, it is due to Japan’s continuing performance slide.

Chinese imports

Source: IMF/Haver Analytics


A new military spending forecast from analysts at IHS Jane’s Defence suggests that China’s defence spending will accelerate substantially in the next three years.

This interactive graphic examines defence spending and gross domestic product growth in the region – as well as showing contextual numbers for the US – the world’s biggest spender on defence.