Yesterday the first ever man made object landed on a comet. The robot Philae travelled 6.4bn kilometres before touching down on the surface of comet 67P. So far in human history the moon has been the most popular destination for trips off planet with six manned landings.

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US prosecutors are offering immunity deals to junior traders in London as they try to gather evidence against banks and more senior staff in the investigation into alleged currency market manipulation. The Forex scandal is, at its core, a story about alleged wrongful sharing of information to boost trading profits. In this interactive, the FT has compiled 30 foreign exchange traders and sales staff who so far have been suspended, placed on leave or fired amid regulatory investigations that started in 2013. Read more

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Which pieces are the most likely to be captured in the early rounds? What about the longest survivors? Which remain fringe actors early on before being thrown into the action as the stakes rise? Read more


Alongside the congressional midterms, four US states had initiatives on the ballot to increase the minimum wage: Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. All four states passed the proposals.


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By John Burn-Murdoch and Gavin Jackson

Pity the white queen’s pawn. It tends to survive only one in every four games.

That statistic comes from an analysis of 2.2m master-level tournament games conducted by Oliver Brennan. But statistical analysis has found that overall white wins about 37 per cent of the time to Black’s 28 per cent. Read more


It was 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall on Sunday. The economy of the east still lags behind that of the former Federal Republic of Germany: gross domestic product per person is about 66 per cent of the level in the west, according to the IFO institute.



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