Valentina Romei

The number of credit institutions in the EU dropped 20 per cent in the 10 years to February 2016. The decline was steeper in France and Spain, milder in the UK and Poland, while in Ireland there are more banks now than 10 years ago.

March 3: the day in 4 charts

Valentina Romei

Renewable energy sources- particularly wind, hydro and solar- are expected to account for the biggest change in global electricity generation between 2013 and 2020, larger than that from all other sources combined, according to IEA data. Read more

Valentina Romei

‘Greenfield’ FDI – crossborder investments in physical projects excluding M&A, increased by nine per cent last year, to $713bn. Oil and gas attracted the largest amount, followed by real estate, but the amount invested in renewable energy increased fastest, up 73% to $76bn, according to data from fDI Markets.

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March 2: the day in 4 charts

Kate Allen

Why is one measure of EU immigration to Britain nearly three times as high as the other?

That is the question Westminster’s Brexiteers are asking this week. The answer could shape the arguments both for and against Britain leaving the EU. Read more

Here’s an interesting nugget from today’s Economic Review from the Office for National Statistics. While Britain’s job market is performing very strongly – the employment rate is at a historic high while the unemployment rate has gone back to its pre-crisis average – there is also evidence of an emerging skills shortage.

The ONS says that “the number of unemployed people per job vacancy has been declining since 2011 and is now close to historic lows”. Read more

Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination have skyrocketed in recent weeks.

This week they hit 80 percent, according to analysis from Predictwise, an independent research project led by David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research in New York. The probabilities are calculated by looking at betting markets and polling data. Read more

Valentina Romei

How much land has been acquired for investment and agriculture over the past decade? The truth is nobody really knows.

Non-government organisations, media and academic publications have been assessing so-called land deals – where outsiders acquire huge tracts of land for commercial use – through field reports and by crowdsourcing data online. Read more

March 1: the day in 4 charts

Andrew Whiffin

Spending on consumption in China last year accounted for the highest proportion of growth – 66 per cent – since 2000; while investment accounted for the smallest share of growth since 2005 – only 36 per cent

February 29: the day in 4 charts

Valentina Romei

About two in five US private sector workers – nearly 44m people – lack access to paid sick leave. The proportion rises to 7 in 10 of those with the lowest wages

John Burn-Murdoch

The Chinese Super League has cropped up in football conversations for several years now, but until recently it was in the context of it being one of the sport’s so called ‘retirement homes’: lesser leagues, where prominent Europe-based players only go for a final bulging pay packet and a relatively easy ride. This winter, that all changed, as several genuine global stars — many still in their prime — arrived on big money deals from major European clubs Read more

Valentina Romei

On average couples are waiting longer to get married, if they choose to marry at all. The mean age in OECD countries at first time marriage rose by 5 years since 1990 to 32 years for men and 30 years for women. Ireland and Spain are among the countries with the largest rise in marriage age.

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Valentina Romei

For the first time, more than half the population in the UK and US is set to be using Facebook regularly this year. In the Netherlands the proportion is higher, while fewer than one in three are expected to use the social network in Italy and Japan.

February 25: the day in 4 charts

Kate Allen

In the next four months Britain will be inundated with opinion polls. As the Leave and Remain camps gear up for Britain’s first referendum on its relationship with Europe for four decades, the stakes are high.

But this time last year the nation also pored over an array of polls during the general election campaign, and yet those polls proved unreliable.

How should a cautious FT reader know what to make of polling about the EU referendum? Here are five points to bear in mind …

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Valentina Romei

More than one in 10 Irish households have three or more children, double that of the UK. Numerous children are more common in the US than in most European countries, particularly in the south.