March 7: the day in 4 charts

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February 22: the day in 4 charts

February 09: the day in four charts

February 8: the day in 4 charts

January 19: the day in four charts

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Robin Kwong

By Robin Kwong and Steve Bernard

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An unmanned privately operated cargo flight to the International Space Station blew up on its US launchpad on Tuesday evening. Most space launches now take place in Russia which overtook the US in the mid-2000s and the number launched in China is catching up as well. China was second to Russia in 2012, having overtaken Europe in 2003.

No one knows how many Chinese people live in Europe.

The United Nations estimated Europe’s China-born population at 886,882 in 2010, its most recent count, while Chinese-based social scientists put it somewhere between 2m and 3m.

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Valentina Romei

Ever feel you’ve read all there is to read about China’s growth as a world manufacturing power? Well, did you know that China now has almost complete control of the world’s umbrella market?

China exported over $2.4bn of umbrellas, walking-sticks and whips in 2010, over three quarters – and rising – of global export share.

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