Close to 72 per cent of primary and secondary school teaching roles in the European Union were held by women in 2014, according to new Eurostat data released ahead of National Teachers’ Day.

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March 8: the day in 4 charts

Valentina Romei

Following on from 10 charts (part 1), which included the first five challenges facing the next Italian government, here are the next five as we head towards Italy’s general election.

1) Corruption

Corruption is a plight for the country that together with bureaucracy prevents an efficient allocation of resources and discourages investment. Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index ranked Italy 72nd out of 182 countries evaluated in 2012, three positions lower than the previous year. The perception of corruption of Italians is particularly high for the political system, which is one of the main reasons for the country’s political instability and poor governability.

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Emily Cadman

Should we be most concerned about young men not fulfilling their potential, or young girls? Boys right? Barely a week goes by without concerned stories that they are being left behind in the classroom, or in the race for top degrees.

But a counter intuitive chart in today’s Office for National Statistics release on education as component of national well being, shows that isn’t necessarily the case.

It shows quite clearly that it is girls losing their way post secondary school. The spikes in the graph are Q3 data showing the immediate period post secondary school.

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