January 28: the day in four charts.

Valentina Romei

Following on from 10 charts (part 1), which included the first five challenges facing the next Italian government, here are the next five as we head towards Italy’s general election.

1) Corruption

Corruption is a plight for the country that together with bureaucracy prevents an efficient allocation of resources and discourages investment. Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index ranked Italy 72nd out of 182 countries evaluated in 2012, three positions lower than the previous year. The perception of corruption of Italians is particularly high for the political system, which is one of the main reasons for the country’s political instability and poor governability.

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Valentina Romei

The US has shown a turnround after data released by the Institute for Supply management showed an index rise in manufacturing after three months of consecutive contraction. However, there are doubts whether the positive trend will continue in the the near future for the US, whereas for India, Russia and Turkey, the expansion seems more robust.

In India, manufacturing output in September expanded at a faster rate than in August, with its order book rising and new export orders increasing for the first time since June. Rising demand has also helped Turkey, in addition to new business from abroad, after a fall in output in July and August. Read more

Valentina Romei

Ever feel you’ve read all there is to read about China’s growth as a world manufacturing power? Well, did you know that China now has almost complete control of the world’s umbrella market?

China exported over $2.4bn of umbrellas, walking-sticks and whips in 2010, over three quarters – and rising – of global export share.

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Emily Cadman

PMIs – or Purchasing Manager Indexes – provide a regular way to track economic changes in the private sector.

Released on a monthly basis, these surveys of purchasing executives offer a way to gauge decline or increase in activity. Read more