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Steve Johnson

The Wolsley

The Wolseley, a favourite of London's financial powerbrokers

Signs of a slowdown are rarer than hen’s teeth at posh eaterie The Wolseley, a favourite of London’s financial powerbrokers, nestled next to The Ritz, where your humble correspondent had the pleasure of engaging in an enjoyable breakfast meeting.

The only downside was struggling to hear one’s dining companion over the hubbub of a myriad rival conversations; every table was taken by sober looking business people engaged in no doubt far less exciting discussions.

Come the end of one’s feast, many of the original cast had sidled off to do whatever important tasks it was that paid for their meal tickets.

In their stead came a coterie of what can only be described as Women Who Lunch, fortifying themselves with the finest espresso before a spot of light (or not so light) retail therapy in the nearby boutiques.

Once again not a spare table was to be had and, if anything, the hubbub had moved a notch higher.

If we are marooned in the depths of the worst recession since the 1930′s, one would not wish to be tasked with securing a table at said cafe when the good times roll once again.

Pauline Skypala

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Investors still have an appetite for covered bonds, according to the European Covered Bond Dealers Association in its first covered bond survey.

Beware the green shoots brigade, says Tim Price of PFP Wealth Management. The Bank of England’s fan charts are a big danger sign.

Ron Paul explains why the Federal Reserve is dangerous and must go

Ruth Sullivan

Green shoots?

Green shoots?

The FTSE 100 entered an official bull market last week with a rise of more than 20 per cent from its lows in March, and global equities surged on hopes the worst of the recession is over.

But here’s the curious thing. The majority of independent financial advisers say the green shoots of recovery are nothing more than hot air and recent stock market gains are simply a bear market rally. And so do most of the private investors they advise, according to a survey by 1st- The Exchange, a technology provider for financial services firms.

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