From the G20 demonstrations in London

By Alistair Gray

“It’s been a bit boring. I’d have liked to have seen more smashed windows,” said a 33 year-old artist who said he goes by the name Morganic. “I remember the poll tax riots – that was much more fun.”

A designer who took his three year old son, Cosmo Granet, along to the climate camp protest in Bishopsgate, said: “I thought it would be interesting for him to see. I did a bit of them ( protests) in the old days but have obviously just stayed on the peripheries today.”

Some taking part were former city workers.

Daisy Cross, 24, previously worked in insurance but has been unemployed for a year.

“This is the first big demonstration I’ve been to. Its been quite civilised. The police have been quite relaxed about it.”

Alistair Gray is a reporter for the FT

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