Daily Archives: January 24, 2013

Mervyn King. Getty Images

Mervyn King’s speech on UK economic policy on Tuesday has received relatively little attention, perhaps because he is in his last few months in the governor’s seat at the Bank of England. However, it is extremely interesting , both in its analysis of the UK’s current predicament and in its recommendations for future policy action.

It lays out a distinctive course of action, which is different from the Plan A adopted by the government and the Bank in 2010, and also different from the Keynesian alternative that Olivier Blanchard of the IMF seems to have recommended at Davos.

The King plan, tinged with both pessimism and realism, argues for a long-term fix, rather than a short-term dash for salvation. But while the fix will take a long time to work, it does have some important implications for the banks, and the exchange rate, in the near term. Read more