Daily Archives: January 27, 2013

Mark carney takes questions in Davos. Getty Images

Mark Carney’s comments on monetary policy at Davos, though not specifically about the UK, opened a wide gap between his thinking and that of outgoing governor Sir Mervyn King). The latter expressed doubts last week about the ability of monetary policy to boost the economy further, given his concerns about the UK supply side, and his related worries about the 2 per cent inflation target.

At Davos, Mark Carney showed very little sympathy for any of this, arguing that there is plenty of scope for monetary policy to boost the developed economies further, and specifically saying that it might be appropriate to allow inflation to run above 2 per cent for a time in order to achieve this. It would be very surprising if Mr Carney were willing to make such remarks unless he believesthey apply to the UK. Read more