Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

Mario Draghi, ECB chief. Getty Images

Following today’s glut of monetary policy news, markets seem to have temporarily re-assessed their recent bullishness about the euro. However, investors should not lose sight of the fundamental gap that still exists between the ECB’s preference for relatively traditional monetary policy and the aggressively unconventional approach of the other major central banks. That has not gone away.

For example, the Bank of England remains in unorthodox monetary territory, as shown by its willingness to accept, for the first time, that inflation will remain above 2 per cent well beyond the two-year policy horizon. Mark Carney’s Select Committee evidence may have dashed expectations of a nominal GDP target, and he may have sounded lukewarm about more quantitative easing, but overall he remained extremely dovish, especially with regard to Fed-style forward policy guidance. Read more