Daily Archives: September 29, 2013

One of the main motors behind the growth of the world economy in recent decades, the expansion of world trade, seems to have entirely lost its mojo. In the next few weeks, there will be vital multilateral negotiations ahead of the WTO’s Ninth Ministerial Conference in Bali on 3-6 December, which will attempt to salvage something from the Doha Round. And there will be further negotiations towards the US-inspired Trans Pacific Partnership, which is still supposed to be completed this year. With protectionism now on the rise, it is crucial that something is salvaged from these talks.

World trade volume has been virtually stagnant in the 12 months ended mid 2013. Zero growth in world trade is normally a sign of impending global recession, not of a sluggish expansion. Furthermore, there are extremely strong reasons for believing that growth in trade is one of the principal contributors to supply-side gains in global GDP, so a slow-down in underlying trade growth involves permanent losses in welfare. What has gone wrong, and what does it mean for the future? Read more