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  • ‘Ill’ pilots ground Jet Airways – hundreds of flights are cancelled at India’s second-biggest airline when hundreds of pilots in a labour dispute with the company resort to a “simulated a strike” by calling in sick
  • How Brian Epstein made The Beatles famous – the business genius who turned the group into a global, commercial phenomenon – all before he was 32 years old
  • Which checkout lane is fastest? – don’t know how definitive this is, but it’s a question that’s always vexed me and, evidently, many others too. I’m also glad that it has confirmed my suspicion that the express lane is a red herring (Hat tip: The Browser)
  • Families are feeling stress of economic crisis – I knew it! My highlight of this study: increasing incivility at work (defined as “backstabbing”, “sucking up” and “politicking”) as people try to save their jobs. Ouch.

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