Worried Cadbury managers should read this

Scott Moeller, a former investment banker, now a professor at Cass business school in London and author of Surviving M&A: Make the Most of Your Company Being Acquired, has helpfully offered the following ten point plan to any manager worrying about his or her future in the wake of an acquisition. Worth thinking about.

1. Find ways to add value
2. Don’t rely on your boss – in a merger everyone looks out for themselves
3. Be patient – don’t make rash decisions about your role – but also don’t wait too long
4. Don’t be a complainer: be perceived as a team player
5. Expect change and don’t resist it: adapt to the new dominant culture
6. Use your network, both professional and social
7. Understand the new partner’s objectives, not just your own company’s
8. Promote your capabilities and accomplishments
9. Volunteer to serve on an integration team
10. Prepare a contingency plan

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