Update: ‘The folks at the pink ‘un have finally come to their senses and have agreed to leverage my growing following on FT.com. So, to keep up with my movements and be inspired as I build the world’s first Integethical consultancy, go to www.ft.com/martinlukes. You won’t be disappointed.’

In case there is anyone out there who does not remember me, my name is Martin Lukes and until recently, I was prisoner 234-5184 at FCI Coleman in Florida. In the roll call of celebrity “white collar criminals” I came after Conrad Black (who I have a great deal of respect for and was in the next block to mine) and before Madoff.

However there is one humungous difference between myself and my co-convicts – I am as innocent of my charge of insider dealing as my beautiful two-year-old triplets. When Judge McArthur read out the sentence on that dark day in January 2008, I said I was 480 per cent innocent.

Now, two years painful years later, I’m out and my always wrongful conviction has been overturned.

In prison, I did not have access to the internet so ?InsideOut!TM was brought to you by my beloved ladywife, Sherril, who would dutifully cut and paste my e-mail messages onto the site. But now that I am out, I’m blogging, tweeting and working 110 per cent on my consultancy business, Integethical Footprints.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of people who prayed for me and sent letters of support. Your faith in me, your followership, if you will, has been deeply humbling.

Keep it authentic and God bless you!

Please read my blog.