Daily Archives: September 23, 2010

Diego Della Valle, chairman of italian luxury group Tod’s, just threw down a gauntlet in the war against off-shore manufacturing at a press conference at La Scala in Milan.

Announcing Tod’s partnership with the opera (they are underwriting all productions for two years; in return, the choreographer Gianluca Schiavoni created a ballet for La Scala dancers filmed at the theatre about the making of a Tod’s loafer) he said, “this could be a breakthrough that allows large companies and cultural institutions to work together to convey the high quality of craftsmanship in Italy. This was a way for us to confirm our leadership of the Made in Italy movement, and we are going to take it to China and Japan, as well as to students to convey the message of our values in Italy: high quality, moral, ethical, and artistic.” Read more

Something interesting is percolating up in Milanese fashion, and it has nothing to do with runways.

It has to do with things like “sustainability” and “long-term thinking” and “self-preservation” – also “procreation”, with emphasis on the latter part of the word.

To be specific, it has to do with the industry finally thinking about its own future, and the fact that if it’s going to have one, it has to start working on the logistics. Which means, at its most basic level, supporting young designers. Read more