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Recently my friend Jamie Linville, whose screenplay for Ernest Hemingway’s “The Garden of Eden” has been made into a movie, forwarded the following exchange, which I thought was worth sharing for its insider view on dressing in Lalaland. He had asked screenwriter friends Michael Walsh (“As Time Goes By”, “All the Saints”) and Caleb Carr (“The Alienist”, “The Angel of Darkness”) for tips on what to wear to a Studio meeting. Read more

Today Sir John Sawers made the first public speech of a serving MI6 head in the section’s 100 year old history — wearing government apparachik disguise. I mean, how many more times do we have to see a politico showing what a team player they are by sporting a dark blue suit, white shirt and blue tie?  Read more

LVMH’s recent filing with the French regulatory authorities re its purchase of shares in Hermes over the weekend was notable as much for that fact that the Giant Globe-Straddling Luxury Group admitted they may, in fact, want to buy another chunk of Hermes, as for their disclosure that they had finessed their first purchase through equity swaps. Read more

For once, the trademark violation shoe is on the other foot when it comes to luxury. The Hells Angels are mad at Alexander McQueen (the brand, not the man) and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Or, to be more specific, they are taking it to court. Read more

The Economist says bling is back. I’m not so sure. Their reasoning seems to be based on two observations, one having to do with shopping bags, the other with sales. It seems to me there are some pretty big conceptual leaps going on here.

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Today I had a very nice conference call with Andrew Rosen, President of Link Theory Holding, the New York-based Group that is quietly positioning itself at the contemporary market’s answer to LVMH, and Olivier Theyskens, erstwhile long-haired high-fashion darling, because the duo was announcing a new partnership. Mr Theyskens is going to become Artistic Director of the brand Theory. This is a foray into unknown territory for both, as Theory has never had a “face” or presiding designer before, and Theyskens – well, let’s just say in the past he has occupied a very luxurious niche.

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Apparently owners of fashion and luxury stocks are as susceptible to trends as owners of fashion and luxury products. Post-LVMH’s purchase of a stake in Hermes, Women’s Wear Daily notes stocks in LVMH and Hermes were up 5% and 8% respectively on the Paris Bourse; PPR was up 1.5%.  Read more

Be still the beating hearts of luxury analysts everywhere. The rumours turned out to be true, the predictions were fulfilled, and today LVMH announced they had bought 15,016,000 shares of Hermès International, the jewel in the French luxury crown — or 14.2% of the share capital of the company. With intentions to increase their stake. Read more

Is record-breaking teen idol/country-rock crossover star Taylor Swift is on the verge of changing her style. I have various reasons for thinking this might be true, all explained in the column; what do you think? Read more

Should fashion be a family affair? At the beginning, it often has to be — where is a young designer going to find an executive who believes unreservedly in his or her talent, is happy to do the backroom work so they can have their creative freedom, and will toil away at all hours for little or no money, other than at their breakfast table, or childhood home?  Read more