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I spent the morning at the L2 Innovation conference (L2 is a think tank in NYC), and heard some interesting stuff. What struck me, in no particular order, when it come to the luxury/fashion world:

1. Ben Silbermann, who started a site called Pinterest, where people collect and share virtual stuff — any stuff (hedgehogs, t-shirts, glass) — said luxury has always understood people learn from other people, but the people they see as the taste teachers have traditionally been celebrities or aristocracy, and what luxury doesn’t get is now those people have been replaced by everyday tastemakers. Individually these ordinary folks don’t have the level of celebrity, but collectively they have a huge reach. This means brands should forget about their obsessive number metrics — how many Twitter followers they have; how many Facebook fans — and think about how to reach normal individuals.

I think he’s right, but find it hard to imagine how luxury brands will do this. How would someone react if they got the message the Burberry wanted to “friend” them? Read more

Elsewhere in the material world,

- Bernard Arnault is master of the brand. Read more

Post Google-isation of YouTube, the site’s former Chief Executive Chad Hurley has decided to move away from technology into fashion, reports Forbes. he’s starting a mens’ wear company!  Read more

Elsewhere in the material world,

- About that cotton price bubble … Read more

I admit: the morning after the US midterm elections, I’m disappointed. Not because the democrats lost the House (although I am disappointed about that, if we’re being open and honest) but because I was really looking forward to seeing what Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin wore when they cast their votes, not to mention how they styled their ‘dos. After all, Mesdames Obama and Palin, while not actually on any ballot, seem to have reflected their parties’ current situations almost perfectly via their hair.  Read more

What’s a brand to do when it has a good idea and then everyone copies it? Accessorise, of course! So seems the conclusion, of H&M, which is embarking on a new project with Lanvin, Today, for example, a new, full collection video with serious production values has launched on the H&M home page starring, in no particular order, Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, and famous models including Natasha Poly and Hannelore Knuts (among others. Take that, Target! Read more

US Vogue may have been able to present itself as a champion of the economic recovery via Fashion’s Night Out, the now-annual, global, celebrity-and-champagne-fueled “shopping extravaganza” that was launched as a recession-busting initiative to supposedly get everyone out of their budget funk and into stores to buy! Buy! Buy! again, but tonight UK Vogue is tossing their own Philip Treacy number into the glossy ring. Their big idea: Fashion’s Night In. Instead of going to a store, you get to sit in the comfort of your own home and go on-line to shop for extra special, one-night-only thingamabobs! Sounds good to me. And when it comes to getting people to spend money, smart. Potentially very lucrative.  Read more

Elsewhere in the material world,

- Women’s Wear Daily turns 100 years old. Read more