Daily Archives: February 16, 2011

Derek LamToday Derek Lam launched a really clever initiative that, if I was a betting girl, I would put odds-on starting a new trend. He “presented” 16 very fresh-looking spring/summer designs (I know, we are in the midst of autumn/winter fashion week, but these go on-sale in real time in April) at Lincoln Centre that will be shown, starting now, on eBay, and then voted on by users, to ultimately choose 5 designs to be sold on the e-storefront — for between 125-295 USD. Here is a picture, or you can go to to www.dereklam.ebay.com and put your two cents in.

In other words: he’s started a new, more affordable line, but with a hip digi-twist! Read more

Follow Vanessa Friedman’s reports from New York Fashion Week. Read more

On Tuesday British accessory supremo, Ambassador for Trade, and FoD (friend of Dave) Anya Hindmarch arrived in New York to show her very gorgeous and intelligent new bag collection (clutched recently for three days straight of BAFTA celebrations by Emma Watson).

The first thing Ms Hindmarch did on Tuesday morning? Don her UK promotional hat and hold a morning talk with the New York-based Luxury Marketing Council. That’s dedication! Read more