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Today at about 4 pm UK time (I say about, because we are talking fashion time, which is always a fungible concept) crowds at Piccadilly Circus will get a treat: broadcast on the big promo screen for all the people to see, the Burberry fashion show, in real time. OMG! Read more

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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama — Getty Images

President Obama is set to make his first State visit to the UK in May, which will also be his first State visit to any European country. Maybe the special relationship is not so dead after all. Yay!

The announcement was perfectly timed to coincide with the end of New York fashion week yesterday and the beginning of London fashion week (today), thus begging the burning question: given all the clothes we are looking at, what will Michelle wear?

I know that statement will make some people’s blood pressure spike (the burning questions, of course, having more to do with exchange rates, military cooperation and the Middle East rather than clothing), but after the hoo-ha among American designers about the First Lady’s choice of an Alexander McQueen dress (see image below) at the China state dinner in Washington, I don’t think I’m exaggerating that much. There is no question her choices will be watched with eagle eyes by her home clothing industry, who see it as her responsibility to fly their flag, as well as diplomats, who see dress as a form of outreach. Read more

This morning PPR revealed YSL CEO Valerie Hermann was leaving the company, but would not say where she was going. Well, this afternoon, the answer was revealed: Reed Krakoff. Read more

Along with their 2010 results today Gucci Group announced some big changes – starting with the fact there is no Gucci Group any more. Now there is the “luxury division” of PPR. So: new look/new logo, or something more significant?

Well, along with the name change, come corporate changes: all the GG – oops, no, can’t say that – the LD (?) CEOs will report directly to PPR chieftain Francois-Henri Pinault, and the former CEO of GG, Robert Polet, who just last year moved from London to Switzerland for the Group (starting gossip on the street about all this), will move on yet again, this time to the fabled “new challenges.” Read more

Derek LamToday Derek Lam launched a really clever initiative that, if I was a betting girl, I would put odds-on starting a new trend. He “presented” 16 very fresh-looking spring/summer designs (I know, we are in the midst of autumn/winter fashion week, but these go on-sale in real time in April) at Lincoln Centre that will be shown, starting now, on eBay, and then voted on by users, to ultimately choose 5 designs to be sold on the e-storefront — for between 125-295 USD. Here is a picture, or you can go to to and put your two cents in.

In other words: he’s started a new, more affordable line, but with a hip digi-twist! Read more

Follow Vanessa Friedman’s reports from New York Fashion Week. Read more

On Tuesday British accessory supremo, Ambassador for Trade, and FoD (friend of Dave) Anya Hindmarch arrived in New York to show her very gorgeous and intelligent new bag collection (clutched recently for three days straight of BAFTA celebrations by Emma Watson).

The first thing Ms Hindmarch did on Tuesday morning? Don her UK promotional hat and hold a morning talk with the New York-based Luxury Marketing Council. That’s dedication! Read more

Thom Browne, the American men’s wear designer/Brooks Brothers collaborator/Moncler outerwear dabbler known for his super-shrunken little boy suits has come up with an inventive new way to solve the problem of what to do when:

1. You are a relatively small brand with no advertising muscle; and

2. You want to launch a new line and create the most buzz for your (limited) bucks. Read more