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The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) nominations have been announced, and guess what: of the six major awards, three designers represent almost one fifth of the nominees. Makes the options looks pretty thin, no?

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There’s a report in today’s FT about falling luxury stocks on the back of the situation in Japan, but in reality, luxury groups have spent the last 10 years strategising about how to replace Japan on the balance sheet (China, anyone?), so in a way they were among the most prepared companies for the effects of the current disaster.

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I just got a surprising email from Lucien Pellat-Finet, the French luxury cashmere czar, noting he has had a significant uptick in sales in Japan over the last few days.  Read more

Last week’s Paris collections were rather over-shadowed by events off the catwalk, but one off-piste meeting has stuck in my mind, because I think it’s something to watch. I has been called up to look at a new web site called “Motilo,” the first social shopping site.  Read more

Transparency appears in sheer tops, skirts and trousers, while elegant caped heroines make visual statements on the runways of the autumn 2011 women’s wear shows

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I spent my last night in Paris watching Azzedine Alaia getting ready for his show, and it was a very thought-provoking way to end this whole hoo-ha of a season. Fitting, you could say (pun fully intended).

You could also say, “But wait! The shows are over! Why is he only getting ready now?” To which I would say: “That’s the point. He is only ready now – actually, he’s not quite ready now, but he will be soon – and he only shows when he is ready.”

And here’s the interesting thing: Mr Alaia’s business is growing by leaps and bounds. He’s taking over the enormous former Prada space at Barneys New York, he has a 120 sq metre space at Harrods already, he’s getting a bigger place at Harvey Nichols, opening corners in China, etc.

This is, I remind you, someone who no longer plays the fashion game at all: shows when the press has left Paris if that’s how it goes (buyers are still there; someone is around), delivers when it’s ready, and doesn’t do pre-collections. Plus, his work is priced at the highest end of the fashion spectrum. All of which has served to make him…more in demand. Read more

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The saga never ends. Yesterday a friendly retailer forwarded an email they had received from Ittierre, the big Italian company that manufactures many of the eponymous John Galliano licenses (on which that brand depends for a large chunk of revenue). Here’s what it said: Read more

A fitting end to a strange, dark season.

Louis Vuitton fashion show