Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

LVMH has severed its last employer-employee ties with John Galliano, and fired him from the brand that bears his name, a source confirmed today. Of course, Mr Galliano still owns shares in his eponymous company (LVMH just has a majority), so they’ll have to maybe sort of work together, unless they sell it, a natural next step, and pass the tarnished-name-problem onto someone else. Not that the LVMH folks are talking.

Officially, there is “No release, comment or anything on the record” (this from a spokesperson).

Well, it had to happen sooner or later: after all the Prince William/Kate Middleton brouhaha of the last few weeks, the issues of Vogue (British) and People (American) devoted to the devoted couple, the unending speculation about what she will wear and how she will wear her hair and whether it will be flowers or tiaras at dawn (ok, 11 am), finally a few grumpy old souls are stepping forward and saying “enough already.” Read more