Daily Archives: April 23, 2011

When the celebrity hair mogul Vidal Sassoon – or, to be entirely accurate, when the celebrity hair mogul Vidal Sassoon’s people – told me he wanted to have lunch at the Monkey Bar in Manhattan, my cynical self leapt to certain conclusions: that, for example, Sassoon had chosen this restaurant because of its fame as a people-watching schmooze fest, thanks to owner Graydon Carter, aka editor of Vanity Fair magazine and the host of a mega Oscars party, who presides over meals from a banquette; that Sassoon would take a walkabout as he entered, past regulars such as author Fran Lebowitz and TV anchor Charlie Rose, meeting and greeting. In conclusion, that the whole point of choosing this place was to demonstrate, in the short space between hostess and table, the extent to which Sassoon has transcended shampoo to become a celebrity.

Last Tuesday, when Burberry’s share price hit a record high of £12.15, Angela Ahrendts, its 50-year-old chief executive, was on her way back from hosting a fashion show in Beijing, featuring the British rock band Keane and large digital images of Big Ben. But rather than celebrating her company scaling the financial heights, she was looking to go even higher via Burberry’s largest Asian store yet.

Not long ago the editor of the FT was hosting an internal event and told a story about a recent trip to Japan in which he met chief government spokesman Yukio Edano and broke the ice by asking him about Edano’s ubiquitous blue jacket. No, I am not giving anything away here – I asked permission to reveal the event, because I felt the point of the episode went much further than the jacket. It spoke to the state of the country, of course, but it also struck me that the narrative of Japan since March 11 has, in part, been a story told through clothes; a drama in three sartorial acts.