Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

Ooooh, things are heating up in the heavyweight bout of name-calling that is the LVMH/Hermes relationship. At the Hermes AGM in Paris on Monday, Pierre Godé, Vice-Chairman of LVMH, and one of Bernard Arnault’s closest and oldest advisors, stood up and made the following statement, which LVMH then emailed around for those of us who sadly could not be there. It’s reproduced in full.

“This morning, Le Figaro published an interview with Hermes Président Bertrand Puech, in which he accuses LVMH of wishing to destabilise family shareholders, staff and suppliers – all allegations which I formally deny.  In fact, this AGM is as good an occasion as any to discuss these points, dispel some myths and correct misconceptions.

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