Daily Archives: July 5, 2011

Chanel dethrones Napoleon - and replaces him with Coco. 

Well, not literally, but conceptually. Following their now-signature “more is more” approach to shows, Chanel recreated Place Vendôme inside the Grand Palais for its couture, complete with nine glass lamp-posts and a soaring neon-tuned plinth topped by - yes - a statue of Coco, instead of the Little Emperor. Not sure about that symbolism, really. What were they saying? We dream big? We are going to rule the world? We forgot pride goeth before a fall? Read more

I just learned something interesting: the made-to-order line is actually the biggest part of Loewe‘s clothing business. Granted, clothing as a category is only about 20 per cent of sales – the rest is leathergoods: handbags etc – but it’s still a notable fact.

Why? Well, if one were looking for, say, ad-hoc proof that consumers are still very interested in spending money on luxury goods, but they want to do so: 1) in privacy; 2) with discretion; and 3) on items with tangible value, well, this is the info you need. Read more