Daily Archives: October 4, 2011

Can we pause for a moment and ask: what cultural moment has every French designer experienced in the last few weeks that made them think “underwater theme” for next spring/summer?

Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Chanel  all had mermaids on the brain — check out these pictures — which means next February store windows will be seascapes, and the next thing we know, we will all be dressing like Ariel (the Disney version, not the Shakespeare one), albeit with an apocalyptic edge. If you can imagine. Read more

Chanel show

Chanel show – picture by Vanessa Friedman

At the Chanel show I was sitting next to architect Peter Marino, and after we had admired the all-white aquarium set (pictured left), we got to chatting about his recent renovation of the brand’s London Sloane Street store, to be unveiled this week. It’s not what you would expect.

First, it wasn’t nearly as expensive as one (okay, me) might assume, even though the centrepiece is a graphic black and white work of art by Allan McCollum, the American artist, displayed around the central stairwell and featuring the most popular 1000 women’s names according the US census. Think Maria, Chanel (really) and Shakira and you’ll get the idea. Read more