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Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

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Nancy Shevell

Image by Getty.

Ah, the difference a dress makes — at least when it comes to a designer’s family politics.

Though Stella McCartney had nothing to do with stepmother #1 Heather Mills’ wedding dress (that lace number was designed by Ms Mills herself), hence telegraphing the lack of common ground between the two, she very happily lent her skills to creating the dress of stepmother #2, Nancy Shevell, as worn on Sunday to Ms Shevell’s registry office wedding to Sir Paul in London.

Indeed, Ms McCartney has a history of making dresses for her friends: she created the gown for Madonna’s wedding for Guy Ritchie, as well as six of the outfits Kate Moss wore during her wedding weekend in July. Read more

Today, I have learnt an important lesson: when it comes to fashion, last week’s inside joke is this week’s exciting new initiative. After all, there I was a few days ago, giggling with a friend about the Kanye West show, saying “Why did he want to start a fashion line? He’s just a great singer; it would be like Karl Lagerfeld wanting to be a rapper”, when, lo and behold, the information arrives: Burberry is releasing a single: “Rose Unplugged at Abbey Road for Burberry.”

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