Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Interestingly, this morning, the day after the PPR 2011 annual results announcement, I received another earnings notice, this time from Bottega Veneta – and about the first half of 2011, not the second. It was good, to be sure, but more than that, it was singular. And that is interesting. Read more

For anyone wondering why a few days ago there was another post on this blog about Jimmy Choo’s new bridal collection — and then there wasn’t: mea culpa.

There’s an industry truism which holds that fashion brands should focus, publicly at least, on their “fashion” lines — the ones that change every season, demonstrate their “vision” and drive consumers into stores — as opposed to their more commercial endeavours (e.g. bridal). Read more

Amid the frenzy backstage prior to their NY fashion week AW/12 show, the designer duo behind the industry favourite tell the FT’s Vanessa Friedman about the inspirations, outside input and design processes that have gone into the latest collection.