Jimmy Choo’s bridal range

For anyone wondering why a few days ago there was another post on this blog about Jimmy Choo’s new bridal collection — and then there wasn’t: mea culpa.

There’s an industry truism which holds that fashion brands should focus, publicly at least, on their “fashion” lines — the ones that change every season, demonstrate their “vision” and drive consumers into stores — as opposed to their more commercial endeavours (e.g. bridal).

So, in the past, Jimmy Choo had not really communicated about its bridal range (which has existed since 2003); but since Labelux bought the brand in May from its private equity owner TowerBrooke Capital that has changed. It makes sense: bridal is, after all, a hugely lucrative and increasingly branded market. So, it turns out the collection isn’t new (well, there are new seasonal styles); it’s just new to me and in this instance we got it wrong in the original post.