Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

Salvatore Resort 2013

As fashion statements go, it doesn’t get much grander than Salvatore Ferragamo’s 2013 resort show at The Louvre in Paris. It wasn’t  just the setting or the clothes themselves, but the reason behind the location. Ferragamo is sponsoring the exhibition ‘The Saint Anne, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ultimate Masterpiece’ at the museum, and combined showing its collection with private tours of the da Vinci show for guests from all over the world. In return for its sponsorship, Ferragamo gets to be the first label to show a collection in the archways of the Denon peristyle, which frame the Louvre (previous shows have been in the courtyard) and to host  drinks and dinner (serving wine from the Ferragamo family’s Il Borro estate in Tuscany) and most importantly it gets an implied link with one of the greatest artists in history. There was nothing exactly humble, or indeed subtle about the message that was being telegraphed here, namely da Vinci and Ferragamo: Italian genius. Read more

Yesterday at L’Wren’s Scott’s resort collection (her first), I saw what is possibly the best ever sartorial uniform for any female politician wanting to re-instate ye olde UK-US special relationship, or up it as it currently stands. It would also be a great look if Michelle Obama was planning to come to the London Olympics. And speaking of Olympians, guess who is the latest famous person to declare their desire to be a fashion designer? Read more