Daily Archives: July 28, 2012

We may be at full Olympic throttle (or overload, depending on your perspective), but do not let the thrills and spills of medal-dom obscure the reality of what is looming at the bend of the week: the Silly Season. And you know what that means: politicians on holiday. With all the potential sartorial horrors that involves.

You understand: when I say “sartorial horrors”, I’m not talking about viewer experience – though on occasion (Silvio Berlusconi in his Speedos leaps to mind) that can be pretty scary. No, I’m talking about the situation the men and women in question are facing. Let’s have a little sympathy here. Even leaving aside the moral complications of taking a vacation in a crisis, appearing extravagant in a recession, and so on, what the leaders of the free (and not-so-free) world should wear on their holidays is pretty much a poser. Or so seems clear from past experience.