Daily Archives: October 16, 2012

After all that red sole hoo-ha plus the related (and philosophically
interesting) arguments over whether it was possible to trademark a colour
(no; but it seems you can trademark a specific use of a specific colour),
Yves Saint Laurent has decided to drop their remaining court cases, and
Christan Louboutin has decided to embrace the decision. However, despite
their detente, they are still claiming victory in the case. Read more

For anyone still chortling over the end of the It bag – the laugh’s on you, if the folks at LVMH (who know their accessories), are to be believed. On the Q3 results conference call today both spokesperson Chris Hollis and CFO Jean-Jacques Guinoy specifically referred to handbags as engines of growth for not one but three—count ‘em! – of their brands. Read more