Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Saint Laurent's 'skinny' look. Getty Images

The other day I dropped into Saint Laurent Paris on 57th street, between 5th and Madison (ie, a new-look YSL shop, which I guess we now have to abbreviate as SLP – bears an unfortunate resemblance to “slip”). I wanted to check out the pre-fall men’s collection that had just come in – new designer Hedi Slimane’s first – with my real-life menswear tester (my husband). It’s one thing to see a line on the runway, another to see it on normal businessmen types, a category in which I include my beloved.

Put another way, he’s in his fourties, just under 6ft, played college sports and is still in relatively good shape without being a workout addict, so pretty representative of the mean. But what we found knocked me for a loop.

There we were, browsing the suits, which were typically elegant, and my husband asked the quiff-coiffed salesman if he could try one on. The salesman looked at him and said: “Well, you are probably our largest size, which is a European 54.” (He is, for the record, a US 42.) Read more