Daily Archives: July 1, 2013

Diego Della Valle on Monday unveiled the first collection for the House of Schiaparelli: 18 pieces created by guest designer Christian Lacroix. They’re not for sale. They’re just to look at.

Yes, you read that right. Admittedly, given one outfit pairs a goat’s hair top with a 40lb skirt (pictured) you can perhaps understand why. Still, during couture week, anything is possible.


Goat's hair top with 40 lb skirt by Christian Lacroix

Mr Della Valle is attempting to rethink the whole idea of a fashion house. He’s trying a few experiments, hence the idea of a once-a-year “homage to Elsa” that will be concept, not commerce, driven. After Mr Lacroix’s collection (below), which may live at the Maison at 21 Place Vendôme, next year a photographer or musician or filmmaker may be invited to add their interpretation of the brand (no, they won’t make clothes – they’d do a film etc), chief executive Camilla Schiavone said. Read more

There has been some confusion in the e-verse after the news that last week I joined Twitter (@VVFriedman). I’d like to clear this up.

Some thoughtful souls have pointed out I actually joined in 2009, tweeted once, and then fell silent for four years after writing a column about how confusing I found the platform. This is true – kind of. I did join, as @VVF67, to find out what my friends were so excited about, but in a personal capacity, not as a fashion professional. I did find all the personal tweets a bit odd. When it became clear Twitter was a fashion issue, I wrote about it. Read more