Kanye West bites the fashion hand that fed him

Getty Images

Much ado in New York over the fact that on Monday, while on his “Yeezus” tour, Kanye West (left, at the Diesel Black Gold show in September with Diesel CEO Renzo Rosso) gave an interview on radio station 92.3 NOW suggesting his fans not buy any Louis Vuitton products from now until January. Apparently, he is upset that the brand’s CEO did not want to meet him in Paris, and he wants the brand to feel his pain where it hurts.

Here’s his quote: “I wanted to meet with the head of Louis Vuitton in Paris. He said ‘I don’t understand why we need to meet with you.’ I said, let me explain to you why you need to meet with me – or [to] the head of Gucci – let me explain why you need to meet with me. Everybody in New York City right now, don’t buy any Louis Vuitton until after January. Now do you want to meet with me? Now do you want to meet with me? Influence. They think that I don’t realise my power.”

It’s an interesting move for a man who two years ago tried to start his own fashion brand with two mega shows during Paris Fashion Week (which were, admittedly, not entirely successful).

A man who said, in that 92.3 interview: “I will be the first artist to break through to make longstanding product.” And a man who actually designed a product – a running shoe – with Vuitton back in 2009. A man who recently collaborated with another French brand, A.P.C. Guess he’s decided since all of the above didn’t equate to his products being embraced, he should try another strategy: if you can’t join ’em – attack ’em!

Not convinced that’s the right approach, but hey. That’s just me.

(And a final note: in much of the coverage of the above hoo-ha, the “Louis Vuitton head” West refers to is widely cited as Yves Carcelle. Actually, Yves Carcelle, the long-time CEO of Vuitton, retired as CEO in September 2011 – he’s now president of the Foundation Louis Vuitton. Michael Burke took over last December. And that was a year after Jordi Constans had been CEO, before he had to retire for health reasons. Presumably West tried to contact Mr Burke, not Mr Carcelle, but it’s hard to know; he didn’t say.)