LVMH has severed its last employer-employee ties with John Galliano, and fired him from the brand that bears his name, a source confirmed today. Of course, Mr Galliano still owns shares in his eponymous company (LVMH just has a majority), so they’ll have to maybe sort of work together, unless they sell it, a natural next step, and pass the tarnished-name-problem onto someone else. Not that the LVMH folks are talking.

Officially, there is “No release, comment or anything on the record” (this from a spokesperson).

By Rachel Sanderson

The buyout of Bulgari by LVMH has triggered more than a popular outcry in Italy about Italian fashion brands falling into foreign hands. The government yesterday passed a bill to try make it more difficult for foreigners – read the French – to acquire, literally in this case, the family jewels.

True, Italians have some reason to bemoan the buyout of some of their most lauded names by foreign owners. Bulgari’s move to LVMH follows Fendi before it, while Gucci and Bottega Veneta are securely enfolded in France’s PPR. Valentino is owned by a UK private equity firm. Gianfranco Ferre was recently rescued from bankruptcy by Paris Group, a Dubai-based retailer. 

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Follow the FT’s reports from Paris Fashion Week. 

Follow the FT’s reports from Paris Fashion Week.  

Follow the FT’s reports from Paris Fashion Week. 

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Christian Dior has suspended creative director John Galliano after his arrest last night in Paris on assault charges, pending investigation. Mr Galliano had allegedly been under the influence of alcohol, and shouted anti-semitic comments at a couple on a Marais cafe.  

Interestingly, given all that has been written about the hoo-ha of brands placing bloggers in their front row and the supposedly retrograde reaction of the established glossy press (yikes! Barbarians at the gate! and all that) this week American Glamour has invited – and imported, on their own budget – five of the “guest bloggers” on their new “Young & Posh Blogger network,” part of their website, to Milan, to see some shows, meet some designers, and otherwise become part of the family. If you can’t beat ‘em, employee them. 

Follow the FT’s latest reports from Milan Fashion Week.