Today, Alexander McQueen announced it was taking control of its second line, McQ, after the current spring/summer 2011 collection. For the last five years since its launch, McQ has been produced under license by an Italian firm, SINV SpA. Its current creative director, Pina Ferlisi, will continue in that role, under the guidance of Sarah Burton, current creative director of the main line. This is interesting, for a few reasons.

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I woke up this morning after a month of fashion collections to an email from NPD, the market research company, about the dim sale prospects for the holiday season. Turns out Americans at least plan to spend a little less at christmas:

spending intentions

Welcome back to reality!

Still, this pretty much supports what I heard from two jewellers last week. Both Taher Chemirik and Marie-Helene de Taillac, who are equally talented and original (and highly copied) in very different ways, had told me that their US business had effectively dried up over the last year or two, and in Taillac’s case, she said it was growth in Asia and Europe keeping her afloat. Apparently, US stores only want to accept jewellery on consignment (ie, they pay only if, and after, they sell), which makes it pretty hard for an independent jeweller to earn a living. Read more

Karl Lagerfeld, the long-time designer of Chanel (as well Fendi, as well as his own eponymous line, as well as, this season, a collection for the Italian shoe brand Hogan) is a provocateur, with little patience for ignorance or stupidity or anything that smacks of the bourgeois. This we know. But even by his standards, the nose-thumbing he just gave to the various budget crackdowns going on in the countries of his various customers, not to mention those customer themselves, was jaw-dropping.

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The Interbrand 100 best global brands list 2010 just came out, and there was some interesting (or depressing, depending on your perspective), movement in the luxury rankings.  Read more

The White House is not the only entity thinking stimulus this week. Just after Obama announced his new plan to get the economy moving, Fashion’s Night Out version 2.0, aka this year’s bigger and better sequel to last year’s global consumption-spurring party, was launched.  Read more