Carla Bruni

Watching Francois Hollande be sworn in as French president today, I was struck by how incredibly color-coordinated the hand-over of power was. I know it wasn’t planned — the Hollande and Sarkozy camps are not that friendly – but Tim Gunn couldn’t have styled it better if he’d tried. Read more

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Hillary Clinton isn’t the only politician smart enough to let her clothes do the speaking: German chancellor Angela Merkel also demonstrated great fashion fluency when she wore strict, unrelenting, unforgiving, unapologetic black for her speech to the Bundestag. Things were tough, she said, and they were going to get tougher. She wasn’t going to lighten anything up — or distract from her message — by adding a pastel or a pattern to leaven her words. Read more

Barely one week into the new year (happy 2011) and already there’s a promising development on the fashion front lines: a new political spouse to get designer’s hearts a-fluttering and send consumers rushing into shops to copy her look. Forget Mrs O, Sam Cam, and Carla B. Think Marcela Temer!

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