Duro Olowu

Fashion month is fast approaching – the NY shows start (gulp) on Sept 5, which means it’s also time for the now-standard action piece about why there are no black models on the runway. This season’s call to action comes from the New York Times, though there have been similar pieces over the years, from various different outlets including Vogue. Here’s my question, though: if we are really going to look at this issue in a serious way, and we should, no question, why stick to the runway? For truth is, rack my brain though I do, I can’t think of any luxury CEOs, at least of the mega-brands, who aren’t white. Or designers at the head of mega-brands, for that matter. We’re focusing on the wrong place. Read more

Lo, the Ron Johnson changes at JCP continue apace! Apple’s ex-retail guru has been notoriously overhauling the US high street megalith, to not exactly stunning sales results, but as his latest, and truly out-of-the-box move shows, he’s not backing off his radical revamp plans any time soon. This time round he’s decided JCP needs to join the high/low collaboration queue – you know, the H&M and Maison Martin Margiela, Target and Prabal Gurung, and so forth trend – and for his brand’s first foray, he has chosen to hook up with…wait for it…Duro Olowu. Who? Read more

Wardrobe diplomacy – aka the practice of a national leader (or leading representative) wearing clothes from the country they are visiting as a form of economic and cultural outreach – is back. Diane von Furstenberg just told me she had learned from the folks at Harrods and Selfridge’s that the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge had bought two of her dresses to take with her on her North American tour, which begins at the end of next week.  Read more