Fashion’s Night Out

In one of those cosmic coincidences of timing, the last night of the Democratic convention, where President Obama talked often about the long hard, road ahead, also coincided with Fashion’s Night Out, that sybaritic extravaganza of shopping and schmoozing (well, mostly schmoozing, if you listen to retailers who Do Not Want to be Named) that also happened to mark the first day of New York Fashion Week. It made for a pretty powerful contrast. STill, my favourite fashion moment was not the Karaoke at Michael Kors, but rather what was on stage at the DNC, from Mr O’s tie to Mrs O’s new designer. Read more

US Vogue may have been able to present itself as a champion of the economic recovery via Fashion’s Night Out, the now-annual, global, celebrity-and-champagne-fueled “shopping extravaganza” that was launched as a recession-busting initiative to supposedly get everyone out of their budget funk and into stores to buy! Buy! Buy! again, but tonight UK Vogue is tossing their own Philip Treacy number into the glossy ring. Their big idea: Fashion’s Night In. Instead of going to a store, you get to sit in the comfort of your own home and go on-line to shop for extra special, one-night-only thingamabobs! Sounds good to me. And when it comes to getting people to spend money, smart. Potentially very lucrative.  Read more

The White House is not the only entity thinking stimulus this week. Just after Obama announced his new plan to get the economy moving, Fashion’s Night Out version 2.0, aka this year’s bigger and better sequel to last year’s global consumption-spurring party, was launched.  Read more