September is both Back to School! and Back to Fashion Week!, and sic discussion with my children about what they are looking forward to, I’ve been mulling over what Iam looking forward this fashion season, which begins in NY on Thursday. For what it’s worth, here’s what I expect to be the best topics of discussion over dinner or cocktails:
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The Galliano show – well, it wasn’t exactly a show, sort of a wake – just took place in Paris, in a very scaled-down way.

There were no invitations, just emails (a lot of journalists said they weren’t going to come, sometimes because they were Jewish – I actually got asked about this, but though I was horrified by what John said, I keep my personal politics out of my professional life – and sometimes because they figured the brand wasn’t going to be active much longer); the venue changed, to a private hotel particulier on Avenue Foch; there were only about six models, who changed a few times; and I couldn’t really see any retailers. Read more